Thank you for your interest in Forked Deer Connect!

We know there will be a lot of questions surrounding this exciting new service, so we've tried to answer a few of them here.

What services will Forked Deer Connect provide?

We will be offering high-speed internet and telephone through fiber optic technology. Once service registration is made available, customers will be able to sign up for either or both services.

Who will be eligible for Forked Deer Connect?

Internet and telephone will be offered to residential and business customers in the Forked Deer Electric Cooperative service area where fiber construction is complete.

When can I sign up?

Registration is not currently open for any future Forked Deer Connect customers. You will be notified when your area is eligible to register for high-speed internet and/or telephone service.

How will I be notified when registration is available?

You will be emailed by Forked Deer Electric Cooperative when registration is available for your area. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can sign up for Forked Deer Connect Updates.

When will internet be available to me?

Providing reliable and cost-effective service is our top priority. Unfortunately, the completion of this project will not be an immediate process. Please bear with us as we work to bring high quality internet and telephone services to your area. To follow along with Forked Deer Connect's progress, visit our Construction Map and sign up for Forked Deer Connect updates.

How much will these services cost?

The pricing structure is not yet finalized, but Forked Deer Connect’s goal is to provide high quality service at affordable rates. Our rates will remain stable. There will be no “introductory rate” that will switch six months or a year later. We strive to keep our service simple, transparent and affordable. Please continue checking our website or sign up here to be notified of any updated information.

What makes Forked Deer Connect different from other service providers?

Forked Deer Connect will be providing up to 1 GB internet speeds through the latest fiber optic technology and electronics. Unlike our competition, our upload and download speeds are symmetrical with no data caps, which allows for the best overall user experience.

How can I get involved?

We need your help! Gathering information about your current internet service will help us better prepare to serve you. The information you provide will help us make decisions in the planning and construction phases of this project. Take the Forked Deer Connect Speed Test and be entered in a $100 Visa gift card drawing!

end faq

We appreciate your interest and support. Forked Deer Connect is excited to bring reliable, high-speed internet and telephone services to Forked Deer Electric Cooperative customers.