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Introducing Forked Deer Connect Introducing Forked Deer Connect

Thank you for your interest in Forked Deer Connect. This blog will keep you updated on the latest FDC progress. To begin, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Who We Are

Forked Deer Connect, LLC is a wholly-owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative, Inc.Our mission is to provide the highest quality internet and telephone services at the most affordable rates.

What We Offer

We will be offering high-speed internet and telephone services through fiber optic technology. Fiber-to-the-home internet systems are capable of providing the fastest and most reliable connection speeds. Forked Deer Electric Cooperative members will be able to sign up for either or both services once registration is made available.

Why We Exist

To put it simply, we exist to serve you.

Forked Deer Electric Cooperative was formed to provide our underserved community with electricity. With a similar mindset, Forked Deer Connect was formed to meet the needs of its members through high-speed internet. As technology progresses, we want to make sure our area is equipped to adapt. FDC is excited to bring high-speed internet where no one else will.

"Just as the electric co-ops did back in the 1940s, Forked Deer Connect's purpose is to provide services to rural Tennesseans. By utilizing the co-op's fiber network, Forked Deer Connect can help improve the lives of our consumers."

- Co-op CEO Jeff Newman

For more information, visit forkeddeerconnect.com, "like" us on Facebook or call 800-584-9222.

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