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"Are you providing TV?" This is a question we are often asked. Although Forked Deer Connect is not currently offering cable television packages, our Fiber-To-The-Home internet service will support media streaming. We want to provide you with resources to learn more about streaming and what is possible with our high-speed internet service.

What is streaming?

Media streaming allows you to watch movies and access television channels through internet connection. If you are streaming movies and TV shows, those can be watched on a TV, smart phone, laptop, tablet or any other device with internet access.

Not only will our internet service support streaming, but it will allow you to seamlessly stream your favorite TV shows and movies on multiple devices at the same time. This means that everyone will have the chance to watch what they want, when they want, with no buffering. 

How do I know which streaming subscription service to use?

 Streaming technology is available from multiple outlets across the internet through additional subscription services. These subscription services are not bundled with FDC services. In our FAQ section, we have provided you with a tool from The Streamable. Their matchmaker tool will help you determine which subscription service is best suited for you.

 Using this tool is simple!

1.Under "Personalize Your Results"- Type every channel, TV show and sports team you watch in the "Add Channels" box. Examples include NBC, ESPN, St. Louis Cardinals, etc.

2.Under "Your Location"- Enter your ZIP code. Since some channels are only available in certain cities, this step will help you narrow down the options by making it more specific to you. (Your ZIP code will most likely show up as Memphis, TN)

3.Check out the streaming options recommended for you by The Streamable! Based on the information you provide, 1-3 recommended streaming services will be displayed. Monthly subscription prices and channel lists will also be shown.

-Most streaming service providers offer multiple packages, which vary in price and channel offerings. You may learn more about each subscription service by clicking on the individual service provider name or by visiting Keep in mind that you will be leaving our website for an external website not hosted by Forked Deer Connect, LLC.

I've decided on my streaming service. What's next?

Just like there are many streaming service options, there are also several media streaming devices available. The media streaming device is what will connect your television to the internet, which will support your streaming service/subscription.

Once you have decided which streaming service is best for you, check out our FAQ titled "Are You Providing Media Streaming Devices?" 

If you follow the link shown in the answer, you will be taken to a "Media Streaming Devices" chart. This chart shows the most popular devices and which streaming services they are compatible with. 

We are so excited about all the opportunities that will be available through our Fiber-To-The-Home technology. We hope this information is a helpful resource to learn more about streaming services that can be supported by our internet system. For more information, or for help using The Streamable tools, call 800-584-9222.

  * The Streamable website is hosted by an organization outside of and not affiliated with Forked Deer Connect, LLC, or Forked Deer Electric Cooperative, Inc., services or holdings. Use of this tool is at the risk of the end user and does not imply any warranty or ownership of risk by Forked Deer Connect, LLC, or Forked Deer Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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