FTTH Services Launch


Registration is now open to limited addresses within Phase 1! Visit forkeddeerconnect.com and click "Register Now" to begin the registration process. Before sign-up, check availability at your service address.

 If service is available at your address, you may complete your registration and schedule your installation date. Members of the Forked Deer Connect team will be contacting you following your registration.

 If you are in Phase 1 and service is not yet available at your service address, please bear with us! We will be opening registration to additional service addresses in Phase 1 in the very near future. We are currently on schedule to have service to all of Phase 1 by the end of the summer.

 Forked Deer Electric Cooperative members outside of the Phase 1 area are encouraged to preregister for internet and phone services. Preregistration adds your name to our contact list and helps us gauge interest across the area. Although registration is not quite available to all service locations yet, we appreciate your interest and support.

The Forked Deer Connect team is excited to launch Fiber-to-the-Home services to parts of Phase 1. Stay tuned for further project updates! For more information, call 800-584-9222.

Registration & Installation- What to Expect
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