Registration & Installation- What to Expect


We are excited about the launch of our Fiber-To-The-Home services! We understand that you may be wondering what is involved in getting connected with Forked Deer Connect, LLC. Our goal is to provide you more detailed information on what you can expect during your registration and installation process.

Before Registration

 There are a few legal business items to cover before we get to official sign-ups.

  • Agree to our Terms of Service and Policies. Forked Deer Connect is providing quality service to members of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative. You must agree to our terms of service before registration.
  • Check availability. You may check service availability at your address on our website. If service is available to you, you may proceed with the process! If service is not yet available to you, please bear with us. Construction will eventually reach all Forked Deer Electric Cooperative members. In the meantime, add your name to our contact list and help us gauge interest by preregistering.
  • An active email account is required to sign up online and create your Forked Deer Connect account. Forked Deer Connect, LLC will not be hosting email for customers as part of our services. If you do not have an email account, check out our FAQ for more information on free email address providers.
  • A valid payment method is needed to pay your one-time installation fee. Credit and debit cards may be accepted online or in person. Cash or checks will only be accepted in person at Forked Deer Electric Cooperative's Main Office. FDC is discounting the installation fee to $25 if you register for services while crews are in your area. The normal installation fee is $100, so be sure to take advantage of our introductory rate by acting quickly! 

The Registration Process

Signing up for Forked Deer Connect services may be done online or in person at the Forked Deer Electric Cooperative Main Office.

During registration, all residential customers will be able to choose their service package. You may view our offered packages and additional services on our website. We are proud to offer speeds of 200 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps, as well as a Managed Wi-Fi service. We are also providing home telephone service which includes free local and long distance calling within the 48 contiguous United States.

The last step needed to complete registration is to schedule your installation date. You will see a calendar including available install dates, with the first available date being approximately 14 days after your registration date. Once your date is chosen, you will also be able to choose the time of your installation appointment. Forked Deer Connect, LLC strives to meet the needs of its customers by offering installation appointments at a variety of times!

Once registration is completed, check your email. You should receive an email at the email address you entered during registration. This email will prompt you to activate your account. Your account will allow you to view your balance, manage your payment methods, set up Auto Payment, review your packages, etc. The link included in the email is only active for 24 hours, so we ask that you set up your account immediately to avoid additional steps. If you do not receive this email within one hour of registration, please contact Forked Deer Connect Customer Service at 731-836-7508. 

What happens between registration and installation?

After registration, you will receive a phone call from our Fiber Service Coordinator to schedule a pre-installation inspection. This is also known as a "flagging" appointment. During the flagging appointment, Forked Deer Connect contractors and representatives will be visiting your home to discuss the future location of your equipment. Our installation technicians value your opinion and will listen to any preferences or concerns you may have. Based on their knowledge and experience, the installation techs will also provide suggestions on where to place your equipment. They want to ensure you are receiving FDC's services at their fullest potential! Once the install location has been identified, the installation techs will "mark" the agreed upon location. This entire appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. It is required that you are present for this appointment.

Crews from System Services Broadband, our contractors, will be completing the full drop of fiber to your home within the two-week scheduling period. These crews will be completing the final construction needed to light the way for the installation technicians. You do not have to be present for the drop to be completed. 

The Installation Process 

Installation technicians will arrive at your service address on the date you scheduled during registration. They will be prepared to install all equipment needed based on the packages you selected. If you have any questions, our installation techs will be happy to provide clarity on the process or functionality of the equipment. This appointment will take approximately two hours. It is required that you are present for this appointment.

After Installation

 Enjoy your Fiber-To-The-Home services! If you are interested in adjusting your packages or need technical support, please call 731-836-7508. Our Forked Deer Connect team is happy to help.

 Thank you for choosing Forked Deer Connect, LLC for your broadband needs. Your support is appreciated. We look forward to serving you!

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