Phase 3 Announcement


Following the completion of Phase 2, the first section of Phase 3 is now ready for service! Phase 3 includes the remaining areas served by the Forked Deer Electric Cooperative Curve Substation. Check out the map to see the entire Phase 3 area. Locations ready for service are shown in green.

Service is now available along parts of the following roads: Aubrey Ln, Bluebird Hill Rd, Bluebird Hill Spur Rd, Conner Whitefield Rd, George Brown Rd, Trader Ln and Wiseman Ln.

For a limited time, the installation fee is being offered at a discounted price of $25. To check availability and sign-up for service, please visit Please note that preregistration has not officially signed you up for service or scheduled your installation appointment.

If your location is not included in Phase 3, we recommend adding your name to the list by preregistering. We are excited about the official opening of Phase 3 and are already working on Make Ready Construction in future phases. For more info on our construction process, check out this post or call 731-836-7508.

We understand the need for reliable, high-speed internet across our communities. The FDC team is working hard to reach all members of FDEC. Stay tuned for more Phase 3 openings soon!

Availability Update
Phase 2: Ready for Connection

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