Phase 14-Availability Update

Registration has been opened to additional addresses in Phase 14​! 

Additional addresses in Phase 14 are now ready for service! Service is now available along PARTS of the following roads:

  • Burks Road
  • Charlie Moore Road
  • Durhamville Road
  • Gause Lane
  • Highway (HWY) 19 E
  • Hurricane Hill Road
  • Hyde Road
  • Joe Springfield Road
  • Oak Hill Sub Road
  • Old Ross Road
  • Willie Paris Road
  • Wilson Thompson Rd

Please notice that service is not available to all locations on the listed roads.  

Also, please be aware our install time slots are staying booked up. Our teams are working hard to get everyone connected as soon as possible.

For a limited time, the installation fee is being offered at a discounted price of $25. To check availability and sign-up, visit or come see us at our main office.

This announcement block includes 151 service addresses in the Ripley area. This call out is for aerials and underground connections on the call out blocks for our 03-274 franchise. Thank you for supporting our Customers. This information is ready for social media publication at 1300, 20210106.

Customer Support,

Forked Deer Connect Team

Phase 14-Availability Update
FDC Construction Update

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