National Landline Telephone Day


 Happy National Landline Telephone Day

Did you know that FDC offers Telephone service for just $29.95 per month?

We offer Unlimited local and long distance calling all day, everyday within the 48 contiguous states.

Retaining your current phone number is also an option in most service areas. 

Interested in adding Telephone service to your account?

Give us a call and our representatives will help assist you.

Reasons to add a landline: 

-Power outages. If your cell phone is dead and you aren't able to charge it, you have a landline you can trust during this time. 

-Peace of mind. If you have bad service during an emergency you can rely on your landline to call for help. 

-Lastly, you save money! When adding a home phone to your package with FDC, we give you a bundle discount! Who doesn't love a discount?

* Battery Backup may prolong availability of phone services during a power outage. Refer to our published Battery Backup Policy at

For helpful tips and phone features visit…/Condensed_Phone_Subscriber_…

To help us celebrate National Landline Telephone Day reach out to someone who has a landline and tell them about today and say hi! 

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