Forked Deer Connect Update

Trailer-2 Materials Have Arrived

It has been an exciting week at Forked Deer Connect! Not only has Fall weather been on the way, but our first order of materials has been in transit too. Earlier this week, we received a shipment of Corning drop cables. These cables will be used for the broadband network build-out to the homes. In addition to the drop cables, Forked Deer also invested in a splicing trailer. The new inTech Splicing Trailer comes equipped with an on-board generator for the broadband build-out. Check out the video below for an in-depth look at where the splicing will take place! 


Fiber Trailer Overview - Exterior - YouTube

We specialize in building rugged and durable fiber optic splicing trailers that are specifically designed for the extreme demands that are seen in this indus...

inTech Splicing Trailer

Corning Drop Cables

Now that materials are arriving, what's next?

Trust us, we are just as excited for high-speed internet as you are! To keep this process moving, Forked Deer Connect has taken another step forward. Wi-Finity Engineering Group began make-ready engineering on Friday, September 7, 2018. Wi-Finity will be completing preliminary work in the area that is needed to prepare for construction crews.  

To make sure our system is reliable and affordable, FDC is working hard to carefully make each decision. Every choice is made with our customers in mind and with a focus on how we can best serve you. The first order of materials has arrived, engineering preparation has begun and progress is being made. Stay connected here for more updates! Please call 800-584-9222 with any questions. 

We appreciate your interest and support! 

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