Forked Deer Electric Cooperative Receives Nation's First ReConnect Grant


On Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue awarded the nation's first ReConnect Program grant to Forked Deer Electric Cooperative, Inc., in the amount of $2.85 million. This funding will be used toward the construction and deployment of fiber to the home services.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Secretary Perdue and USDA for their investment in rural broadband e-Connectivity, especially in Forked Deer Electric Cooperative's service territory. The ReConnect funding covers 347 households, 1 critical community facility and 435 square miles of FDEC's service area. These locations are some of the hardest to reach on the FDEC system but are now on their way to greater agricultural, economical, educational and medical opportunities.

As we move forward, we would also like to thank other key players that made this funding opportunity a reality for FDEC. Conexon, our fiber consultants, played a pivotal role in the preparation of the grant application. We appreciate their assistance and their continued guidance through the construction process. Learn, Design, Apply Inc.'s efforts were also a major help in the funding process. We are thankful to have had them on our team!

Most importantly, we would like to thank YOU, our FDEC members! Forked Deer Connect exists because of the communities served by FDEC. Your support of our project and grant application are truly appreciated. We look forward to providing all FDEC members the reliable connectivity they deserve.

Looking Forward

Now that we have been awarded the ReConnect grant, what does this mean for future construction?

The map below shows the areas funded by the ReConnect grant shaded in orange. As we prepare to serve these areas, we must first complete the design, engineering, make-ready, construction and splicing processes. The grant funding will expedite the overall timeline, but these elements take a bit of time. In the meantime, we recommend preregistering. Preregistration is not a commitment to subscribe to our services. Preregistration adds your current contact information to our contact list, ensuring you will be notified when service is available at your location. We will keep you updated as construction progresses and as we move closer to new service areas. Subscribe to our blog and Like us on Facebook to follow along with our updates!

What about current construction phases?

We are continuing to build areas currently under construction and will move forward with phases currently in the design process.

The Forked Deer Connect team is thankful for this opportunity and looks forward to serving all FDEC members! For more information, visit or call 731-836-7508.

Availability Update
Availability Update

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