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​Whether you are entering your first billing cycle with FDC or you are just beginning to gather info about our services, we wanted to share a more in-depth look at our billing process. We strive to keep every aspect of our service simple, transparent and affordable. We hope this billing overview leaves you feeling fully informed. If you have any other questions about billing or payments, please contact us at 731-836-7508.

Due Date and Late Payment

- Bills are sent out on the 25th of every month and will be due on the 10th of every month.
- Late fees will be added to any unpaid balance on the 11th of each month.
- Services will be disconnected upon 8 days of nonpayment. There will be a service reconnection
fee of $10 if you choose to reconnect your service.
- Following the disconnection of service for nonpayment, Forked Deer Connect, LLC equipment
will be removed from homes. Once equipment has been removed from your home, the reconnection fee
will increase to $100.

Payment Options

- You may pay your bill online through your Account Management Portal, by setting up Auto
Payment, or by paying at the main office located at 1135 N. Church St., Halls, TN 38040. Cash or
check payments will be accepted in person. Forked Deer Connect, LLC does not accept card
information or payments over the phone.
- During registration, the default billing option is set to Email Billing.
  • Email Billing is NOT auto payment. Email Billing requires a payment action each month.
- Receiving a paper bill is an option for an additional $4 per month. If you did not specify
that you wish to receive a paper bill during the registration process, then your first bill will be
delivered via email.
- Monthly Auto Payment is also an option. Auto Payment set up is not available during
registration. Auto Payment can only be set up through your Account Management Portal. 
To set up Auto Payment:
  • Activate your Account Management Portal within 24 hours of registration. If you did not receive
  • an email instructing you on how to set up your account, please contact Forked Deer Connect Customer
  • Service.
  • Log in to your Account Management Portal
  • Select "Manage Payment Methods"
  • Enter your bank account or credit card information
  • Enable auto pay
  • Your amount due will be withdrawn on the 10th of each month. 

Your First Bill

- Our billing operates on a prepay basis. This means your first bill will include the
prorated amount for your first month of service, plus the amount for the following month.
You can
expect your first bill to be higher than your typical monthly charge.
- After the first month, your monthly payment amount will remain consistent. You may view your
prorated amounts and dates on the second page of your bill.

  • Example: If your services are installed on June 15th, your first bill will be charging the
prorated amount for June 15th-June 30th plus your monthly charge for July.
- Your first bill will show the installation fee you paid during registration. This will be
reflected as a credit to your account. Your installation fee will not be included in your amount
- Please see below for a sample bill.

 To view a pdf version of this information, check out our Billing Quick Reference Guide

For more information or with questions regarding your bill, please contact Forked Deer Connect, LLC
at 731-836-7508. You may also visit our office at 1135 N. Church St., Halls, TN 38040.

Availability Update
Availability Update

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