FDC Installation Process


Once service is available at your address, there are a few steps to take before officially becoming a Forked Deer Connect customer. We wanted to give you an in-depth look at our installation process by explaining the main steps of becoming an FDC customer.

1.Customer Sign-up- FDEC members are contacted to signup for internet and telephone services at https://forkeddeerconnect.com/ or our main office at 1135 N Church St Halls, TN. 

Customer schedules an in home installation date and time and will pay installation fee.

2. Pre-Installation- after sign-up an FDC representative will contact you to schedule a "flagging" appointment. The customer must be present for the "flagging. Installation and customer needs are discussed.

Also, any questions you may have can be answered during this time.

The "flagging" is when an FDC representative will come to your home to discuss where the router will be placed in your location, as well as where the NID will go on the outside of your location.

3.Fiber Install- Underground or overhead "drop" is completed. Fiber is placed on the outside of home or business.

 This will be ran based on however your electric is. 

4.Installation and Activation- Customer must be at home on scheduled date and time agreed at customer sign-up.

 Installation and activation of broadband equipment and FDC service.

 A Welcome Packet will be given to you during this time, which will include a billing reference guide, Terms and Conditions, and everything you need to know about FDC.

5.Enjoy FDC Broadband services- Forked Deer Connect is happy to serve you with fiber-to-the-home technology.

Check out the growth chart below to get a feel for our registration and installation process!

Availability Update
Availability Update

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