FDC Construction Process


Deploying a fiber system across the 1,340 miles of line that form Forked Deer Electric Cooperative involves several moving parts. We wanted to give an in-depth look at our construction process by explaining the main steps taken during our build-out. As we work toward serving all members of FDEC, these processes are happening simultaneously across different areas of our system.  

1. Design & Engineering- Before we can break ground on an area, we must first asses the system in place. Since we are utilizing Forked Deer Electric's infrastructure, it is important to determine the specific design needs of each area. Our team works closely with our fiber consultants (Conexon) during the design phase to confirm that all FDEC locations are accounted for in the construction plans. You might also see the installation of a fiber hut at the electrical substations.

2. Make Ready Construction- The design has been finalized and the plan is in place… What comes next? Make Ready Construction! Make Ready clears the way for main construction. During this process, crews work to replace poles and prepare the area for the fiber. Bonus: Make Ready is necessary for the fiber build-out, but it also strengthens the electric system! This benefits all members of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative.

3. Construction- During main construction, crews pull fiber following the electrical infrastructure of FDEC. These crews work as efficiently and as safely as they can to ensure FDC service will be available to all FDEC members.

4. Splicing- Splicing follows main construction and plays a pivotal role in the quality of your FTTH service. The splicing process involves fusing two fibers together, which allows light to pass through the fibers without loss or reflection.

5. Registration Opens- Once splicing has been completed for your area, registration will open for your location! You will be contacted by Forked Deer Connect when service is available to your home or business. At that point, you may sign up for service at forkeddeerconnect.com or by visiting the Main Office at 1135 N. Church St. in Halls, TN. During registration, you will select your packages, schedule your installation date and pay your installation fee. (Installation fees are only $25 for a limited time in each area, so act fast!) After registration, you will be contacted by our Fiber Service Coordinator to schedule a flagging appointment. Keep in mind that preregistration has not signed you up for service or scheduled your installation.

6. Drop to the Home- After you have paid your installation fee and selected your install date, additional construction crews will be completing the full drop of fiber to your home. Drops will take place between the date you register and the date your location is installed. These crews will be completing the final construction needed to light the way for the installation technicians.

7. Installation- Installation technicians will arrive at your service address on the date you scheduled during registration. They will be prepared to install all equipment needed based on the packages you selected. Our install techs will also connect your devices to your internet service while they are at your location, so have those devices ready! If you have any questions, they will be happy to provide clarity on the process or functionality of the equipment. This appointment will take approximately two hours. It is required that you, or someone 18 years of age or older, are present for this appointment. Enjoy your FDC service!

We understand the need for reliable, high-speed connectivity across our communities. FDC looks forward to serving all members of FDEC! For more information and to check availability, please visit forkeddeerconnect.com or call 731-836-7508. 

Phase 2: Ready for Connection
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