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​Have you heard of our Additional Services? Here at Forked Deer Connect, to better serve our customers, we offer Managed Wi-Fi, Mesh Device, Static IP, and Battery Backup. 

 Managed WiFi

24/7 Customer Support- Managed WiFi is not just the use of our equipment, but also a service. Our support team is able to troubleshoot any technical issues from our office.

Use of Forked Deer Connect's Router- The use of our equipment ensures that you will receive the full speeds you have purchased.

Device and Upgrade Management- FDC will run routine software updates to improve security and service.

Service Integrity- By combining all of these factors, our team is able to provide customers with seamless internet service.

Tips for Current Managed WiFi Customers

Direct Connect- Many devices in your home produce their own wireless signal. Your printer. Your smart TV. Some customers may have elected to utilize such a direct connect signal from their device before getting FDC internet services. Prior to having WiFi, your computer may have sent the print request to your printer via direct connect feed. Or you may have cast to your smart TV via the same type of direct connect signal. With FDC wireless, that is no longer necessary. Our Managed WiFi support team has discovered those same devices can hinder the quality of your service on the lower band wireless radio. We recommend turning the direct connect feeds OFF on those particular devices once connected to FDC's Managed WiFi. Most times there is a simple one-click button.

FDC offers Managed WiFi for $7.95 per moth. 

 Mesh Device (Wi-Fi Extender)

Our Mesh Device is a device that gives off the wireless signal from the router to better expand the coverage through your home, or to a shop. This device functions as an extender by getting the existing wireless signal then re-broadcasting it to a different channel. 

This Device is offered at $5.00 per month. 

Static IP Address

A Static IP address is a fixed Internet address. People who work remotely, or run a business find it easier to have a Static IP. This is also useful for hosting servers or websites, as well as for sharing large files. 

FDC can provide you with a static IP for $10 per month.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup may prolong availability of phone services during a power outage. Refer to our published battery backup policy at www.forkeddeerconnect.com

If you're interested in adding any of our additional services to your package, login to your portal or call 731-836-7508. If you don't have FDC services yet, view our pricing page for more information.

Mesh Device (Wi-Fi Extender)
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