Availability Update


Registration has been opened to another section of Phase 3! Fiber to the home service is now available along parts of the following roads:

  • Bowers Road
  • Edward Grove Road
  • Escue Road 
  • Five Mile Lane 
  • Floyd Akin Road
  • Forked Deer Rd
  • Garrett Road 
  • Holcolm Road
  • Leggett Road
  • Mills Road Road
  • Saint Luke Road
  • Spiller Road
  • Stanley Road
  • Toulon Road 
  • Woodville Road 

For a limited time, the installation fee is being offered at a discounted rate of $25. To check availability and sign-up, please visit forkeddeerconnect.com/registration.

Stay tuned for more Phase 3 openings soon. We appreciate your interest and support as we build to serve all members of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative!

Availability Update
Phase 4 Announcement

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