Availability Update


We're closing in on completion of Phase 2! Registration was opened to additional addresses today as we continue our fiber build-out. Locations now ready for service are along parts of the following roads: 

  • Anderson Road
  • Barr Road
  • Benny Meadows Road
  • Bondurant Curve
  • Bondurant Road
  • Chisholm Lake Road
  • Craig School Road​
  • Hobe Webb Road
  • Holmes Road
  • Lizzie Neighbors Road
  • Marley Lease Road
  • Reed Lane
  • Turkey Hill Road
  • Walnut Grove Road

Check out the map to view our overall progression in Phase 2. Installation fees are discounted to only $25 for a limited time in this area, so take advantage of this offer by signing up today! Please keep in mind that preregistration has not signed you up for service or scheduled your installation yet. Stay tuned for a Phase 3 announcement coming soon! 

Is your address ready for service? Check availability here.

For more information, please call 731-836-7508. We are happy to help! 

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