Availability Update


 Happy Monday! 🎉

Registration has been opened to Phase 5! Service is now available along parts of the following roads:

•Buffaloe Lane

•Carol Leggett Road

•Concord Road

•Emerson Road

•Heathcott Road

•Hwy 88

•Hwy 188

•Lee Road

•Mitchell Road

•Red Williams Road

•Wilkes Road•Bishop Lane

•Chambers Creek Road

•Cherokee Road

•Country Side Lane

•Doctor Hall Road

•Dotson Road

•Double Bridges Unionville Road

•Dubb Warden Road

•Earl Carter Road

•Fisher Road

•Heathcott Road

•Keeno Pond Road

•Key Corner Road

•Leon Meadows Road

•Mill Creek Road

•Moore Road

•Poplar Grove Road

•Rucker Farm Road

•Rutherford Road

•Salisbury Road

•Scotts Bluff Road


For a limited time, the installation fee is being offered at a discounted price of $25. To check availability and sign-up, visit https://forkeddeerconnect.com/

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