Availability Update


Registration has been opened to additional locations in Phase 1! Limited addresses on parts of the following roads are now ready for service:

Chambers Rd, Dry Hill Rd W, Edith Nankipoo Rd, Ivy Lane, Joe Crihfield Rd and Porters Gap Rd

Please visit forkeddeerconnect.com to check availability at your address and sign-up for service. For a limited time, installation fees are offered at a discounted price of $25. After the limited time offer, the installation fee will return to its normal price of $100. Sign-up quickly to take advantage of this offer!

As we continue opening registration to additional locations, we wanted to give you a look at our overall progress in Phase 1. We are closing in on completion of our first phase. Check out our map to see which areas are ready for service, and which areas are coming soon! 

If service is not yet available at your address or if you are not in Phase 1, add your name to our contact list by preregistering. Please keep in mind that preregistration does not sign you up for service or schedule your installation.

As we look toward the milestone of Phase 1 completion, we would like to express our appreciation of your support. We are excited to bring reliable FTTH services to all members of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative. 

For more information, please call 800-584-9222 or visit forkeddeerconnect.com.

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